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Hello there, dear writers, writing is an art, and you guys are the artist. So here is the great news for all the writers. We MSD news as a blog posting community, allowing writers from all categories to share their best write-ups with our readers.

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced writer, our website welcomes all writers who have quality content to share with others.

Our website is always ready to promote user-friendly content that provides value to reader’s life.

To publish an article on our website, you need to know about our organization’s aim and follow specific guidelines:

About our organization and the type of content we publish:

MSD news is a community that promotes quality content in different categories. 

We are always keen to provide genuine content that is helpful to others in solving their problems or making them informed about necessary facts and news.

Your content should meet the basic requirements mentioned on this page to publish in our portal.

Why do we accept articles in numerous categories, and what do we want to accomplish?

The need for content is not limited to a particular category. Every day something new happens in the world, which affects numerous factors.

As a blog portal, we need to inform and tell our readers about every important update related to numerous categories. Mostly they are co-related.

We choose to operate as a versatile blog portal instead of focusing on only one category.

It will help us to reach more audiences and help readers to know essential updates about every category.

Our content categories:

Our blog portal target a large section of the audience. That’s why we cover almost every blog category. Here is the list of our primary categories:

  • News
  • Technology
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Business and current affairs
  • Travel
  • Politics and current affairs
  • Gaming
  • Lifestyle
  • Jewelry
  • CBD/Plant
  • Sport
  • Reviews 

If your category is not mentioned here, you can mail us your content topic; our team will get back to you.

Standard guidelines about guest posting which every author needs to follow irrespective of the blog category:

  • Do proper research and write a detailed article: No one wants to eat half-baked food; similarly, readers also don’t like half information that doesn’t help them clarify that topic.

To avoid this scenario, your article should contain information derived from your own research or study of that subject.

To get sufficient data, you can study the information provided by the experts and trusted sources related to your article’s subject.

  • Avoid grammatical errors: Command in any language decreases the chances of communication gap and allows us to express our thoughts clearly. 

While writing on any topic, language errors like the selection of wrong words and grammatical mistakes negatively impact both readers and the publisher’s mind. 

It has been seen that these errors ruined the readership of much good quality content, irrespective of the factors like content’s length, well-researched, language selection, etc.

So, it is advisable to check the article at least twice before sending it for publishing.

  • Take care of plagiarism or duplication issues: Every industry has some set of rules and ethics that everyone needs to follow to remain in the industry.

The writing industry also has some rules and ethics that every writer shall follow; plagiarism-free content is one.

Though creating original content isn’t an easy task, it requires time and effort, and copying it from other’s articles and using it as your own isn’t moral.

So, you shall write original content only for our website.

Sometimes, you might hit plagiarism as per the search engine guidelines even you have written original content. In that scenario, you could rephrase your blog post to avoid it.

  • Never use spin or low-quality content: Some people use the bot to generate content to surpassing the plagiarism test. 

The core intention of writing an article was to inform readers regarding different topics. However, the bot generates low-quality content that is hard to read and understand.

So, this type of content is no use for our website.

  • Inclusion of media is a must: If we say media is the Symon of attraction, it wouldn’t be wrong. Inclusion of media with the correct text helps it reach more people and enhance readership.

Some complex topics can be understandable with the help of images only. Otherwise, they become confusing. 

As a writer, you would require submitting one suitable image for each topic of your blog post and the image source. Make sure that you use only copyright-free images.

If you cannot find a suitable copyright-free image, you can take our help.

  • External links and word limits: We don’t publish articles below 1000 words, and you can write up to 3000 words in a single blog post.

If there is a genuine requirement, we can adjust the word limit for unique and quality content.

Our blog portal allows guest writers to add a maximum of 2 links in the author bio section for external links. Moreover, our do-follow links will also be added.

Process of sending the guest blog posts to us:

Writers only need to send us an email containing their article in the appropriate format (Word recommended) with explicit mentioning of the email subject for precise identification.

Once your article gets published, you should share your article on respective social media platforms and seek others’ reviews for further improvements.

If you still have any queries or doubts regarding the process of guest posting or how we will publish your article, feel free to contact us.  
Email id: info@mrsurdushayari.com