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What to See And Visit in Nashville, Tennessee?

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Nashville is the capital of Tennessee, the hero of the popular TV series of the 70s, and the recognized world center of country music. Christian rock fans gather here to listen to Chet Atkins, Brandon Heath, Sonicflood, and other bands playing in this direction. The population of the city is more than 650 thousand people. Modern Nashville is a culturally developed center with skyscrapers, restaurants, and art galleries. The most famous building in the city was the “horned” AT&T, a skyscraper with two sharp Spiers on the sides, built-in 1994. During its existence since 1779, the city experienced several crises and battles, until at the end of the 20th century it was covered by an economic boom. Old buildings were restored and renovated, new ones were actively built. It is the perfect place to visit with the big young company of friends.

Culture and architecture of the city

The art galleries and Theater Arts Center are world-famous. Its architecture is striking, in some ways purely American, in some ways European. To see “little Greece” in the USA, rent a car at  14CARS.com  and come to Pantheon. It is an exact copy of the Greek Pantheon (Pantheon) with 46 Doric columns, significant bronze doors, and a giant statue of Athena.

Drivers of car rental for under 25 will appreciate the Tennessee State Capitol. It was built in a Greek neoclassical style. It is a reason for Nashville’s second name – “Athens of the South”. Another magnificent estate is Two Rivers (Two Rivers), built in the Roman style. As well as the estate of Belmont – a real Italian villa.

Fort Nashbrough was restored in Nashville. Or an exact copy of the 1779 fort was built. Learn everything about the city’s first settlers and their way of life. Nashville has many recreation and amusement parks, its city zoo, the Botanical Garden, a water park, and places so beloved by citizens and guests of the city.

Museums and galleries in Nashville

The Musical Valley Automobile Museum confirms the musical status of the city. Look at an extensive exposition of antique cars that belonged to famous people of the country’s southeast. Rent a car in Nashville and come to the Tennessee State Museum for exciting archives and presentations about the city and the state. It starts from the period of prehistoric Indian settlements until the end of the last century.

You must use a rental car in Nashville under 25 and visit the Wax Museum with exhibit figures of country music stars. The historical house-museum “Traveler’s Rest” is unusual. You will plunge headlong into the era of the beginning of the 19th century. The tour is conducted by guides dressed in the fashion of those times.

Nashville has several art galleries. The Stanford Fine Art Gallery contains landscapes and portraits of American Impressionists and competes with European galleries. The young Cumberland Gallery and the Local Color Gallery include the work of our contemporaries who live in Tennessee, and new exhibitions with their works are held.

“Big Old Opera” in Nashville

Everyone in America knows the concert hall studio “Grand Ole Opry”. Every weekend there are live concerts broadcast on American music channels and local radio stations. This is a “Mecca” for performers and fans. All-day long, dozens of young people write their music in the recording studios of the concert hall. It became the launching pad for many country stars.

Rent a car in Nashville and get to a concert by a country artist. You will not only see musicians dressed in this style on stage. But will be amazed that the entire audience welcomes their favorites in sequined shirts, wide-brimmed hats, and cowboy boots. This is not a tribute to fashion – a tribute to their favorite style. Country legends and newcomers in music are on the stage. The scene is happy to see everyone! And the music is optimistic, cheerful, and sincere, with faith in good luck and a bright future.

Clubs in Nashville

Young companies like have fun. Many clubs and entertainment venues in Nashville have live music sounds every evening. But do not forget to book a table in advance. The most famous club in the city is the Blue Bird Club. The club owner, Amy Curland, personally selects the performers for each evening. There are only 21 tables in the hall, but they are all filled with visitors. And the performers come with their musical instruments – guitars and keyboards – to play and sing their songs. Nobody is overwriting anyone.

Interestingly, the club’s employees became country stars and filled up the Hall of Fame gallery. On the club tables, you can see an unusual business card with the words: “Compose, compose, compose. When you feel like it and when you hate it, when you’re inspired and when you’re tired of it… just compose…”. Who knows, maybe if you have talent, you too will become the new Doli Parton or Hank Williams, performing for the first time on the stage of the Blue Bird.

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