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What to expect at Benelli’s 110th anniversary first launch event

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From 1911 to 2021, Benelli is officially celebrating its 110th anniversary last year.

As the famous Italian saying goes: time reveals what is hidden and dims what is brilliant. What began 110 years ago as an unknown motorbike brand created by six brothers has now become a worldwide motorbike brand.

In that long time, the world has seen World War I and World War II, man has flown into the skies and space, and the internet wave has risen from nothing to the main wave. The six brothers, once in the prime of their youth, have become a memory, but their spirit of excellence and innovation has been passed on, spanning time, place and culture, and has become a universal symbol for Benelli.

In 2021, the 110th anniversary will be the main theme of Benelli’s brand. And on March 27th, Benelli’s first new product launch of the New Year will be held in Chengdu. So, what will Benelli bring to this launch event? Does it come with a brilliant motor like Benelli Seta 125?

  1. Pricing of the Cub 800 Trail and 500 Sport

In Benelli’s long history of 110 years, many classic models have been born. The list includes the Hurricane, the TRK, and the Cub Cadet, which was launched in 1951.

Since 2017, Benelli has relaunched the Cub 500, leading to the rise of retro bike culture in China. This was followed by the release of the Cub 250 and Cub 800 in the next three years, creating a family model matrix. The Cub series has thus become one of the most extensive model ranges in terms of displacement. Pacman 30th anniversary

On 27 March, the Cub family will welcome two new members: the 800Trail and 500Sport.

The 800 Trail is built to the standards of the scrambler, one of the three genres of retro cars, and is both yuppie and wild. The Cub Cadet 800 Trail features a new paint job and high silencers. However, some features and parameters have been adjusted for better off-road performance, and the tyres have been replaced with Metzler Karoo on-road and off-road tyres on top adventure bikes.

The Cub 500 Sport, also based on the Cub 500, is a modern and stylish reinterpretation of the café racer, a retro style that originated in the 1940s. The new yellow, grey and black colour scheme, the addition of a fairing on the front end, the split low handgrip, the new twin silencers and the addition of a toolbox on the right hand side add to the character.

These are two models that have been on the radar of domestic enthusiasts for a long time. How it will be priced and what offers will be available for pre-launch will be the biggest attractions of this launch event.

  1. How will Benelli’s launch event be presented

Benelli’s new product launches have always been the highlight of the industry, and the choice of venue for each one is always meaningful. From Taishan in Shandong to Bali in Indonesia, from Dehong in Yunnan to Xi’an in the ancient city, the combination of product culture and customs is highly creative.

What are the highlights of Benelli’s 110th anniversary first new product launch event?
As the first event of Benelli’s 110th anniversary, Benelli’s new product launch event finally moved to Chengdu. Chengdu is the land of heaven with thousands of miles of fertile land, which has been a place of style and emotion since ancient times, and is also the entrance to the 318 highway and the western Sichuan plateau, not without a rugged and faraway temperament. A perfect match for the 800Trail’s ethos.

From Spring 2021 onwards, Benelli has been posting videos of an Italian guest one after another through the official Shake. Who is he? What other stories will be experienced with Benelli. It is also the eye-catching part of the launch.

  1. Benelli’s future brand strategy

Since Qianjiang acquired Benelli in 2005, Benelli has spent more than 10 years to achieve a rebirth through the groundbreaking fusion of Italian design and Chinese manufacturing, and has reached a certain height in terms of technology, products and sales.

Qianjiang Group’s brand vision for Benelli is to return to the international front line, become a first-class global motorbike brand and restore the glory and honour of the past.

What are the highlights of Benelli’s 110th anniversary first new product launch party?
The 110th anniversary is an important opportunity for Benelli to remember where it came from and where it is going. By revisiting and re-examining this legendary brand, the power of time will be felt and the confidence of the brand will be recovered. The last decade or so of Benelli’s history is just one of several cycles in which the brand has gone back and forth between peaks and troughs.

This launch is a new start for Benelli’s brand strategy, and we are all waiting to see what else is in store!

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