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The medical service in institutions is one of the most urgent problems in Ukraine. And this applies not only to public institutions but also to private clinics.

Service is one of the most important elements for developing a medical institution and its successful functioning. Unfortunately, most clinics use new technologies in our country, are equipped with good equipment for diagnosing and treating diseases, and have highly qualified personnel while demonstrating poor quality service.

When he comes to a medical institution, a modern patient pays attention not only to the quality of treatment and equipment but also wants to receive a high level of service and wants to see enough attention from medical personnel at all levels.


1. What is a medical service

2. What will help determine the level of your service

What is a medical service?

It is customary for us to believe that the main thing for good service is the smiles of the staff. A smile matters a lot, especially at the initial stage, when the client first comes to the clinic. A person who goes to a medical service, as a rule, arrives with his problem, so he is already tense. And if he meets an administrator or a receptionist who is not friendly, this aggravates his anxious and irritated state.

But a smile is far from the only attribute of good service. Certain work standards must be introduced for the service to be at a high level and help create an atmosphere of trust in your institution. There is such a thing as a selling service.

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If the service is at a high level, if the clinic solves all the medical issues of a person and he feels comfortable, then you will have a satisfied patient who will return to you again if he has a new medical problem. In addition, he will always recommend the clinic, doctor, or diagnostic services he likes to his acquaintances, relatives, and friends.

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What will help determine the level of your service

To understand how is good the service is in your clinic, you need to determine the conversion. This is the ratio of the number of people who contacted you to those who performed any targeted actions. The transformation starts with a phone call. If out of 10 callers, eight people signed up for your medical facility, this is a good conversion.

If out of 10 people who made an appointment, seven came, this is also a good indicator. Of course, there will be people who did not have time, could not, or did not understand something at the time of communication with the administrator. Jolo Chips

In the next stage, visual moments are already included when a person comes to your clinic. And that’s where a smile and a friendly attitude are important. Here it is necessary that the administrator competently works with the doctor. Sometimes the doctor is late, cannot see the patient at the appointed time, and must wait. The administrator’s task is to explain everything correctly so that conflict and discontent do not arise.

The next important point is when the doctor is already working with the patient. At this stage, both the quality of the provision of medical services for doctors and the service are important, and it matters how much the doctor can create an atmosphere of trust.

If a person went through the chain: “call – coming to the clinic – communicating with the administrator – communicating with the doctor – receiving a medical service,” he became your patient.

At each point, you can control the patient’s satisfaction with the service at each stage. It will depend on this amount whether he wants to come to you again and how ready he is to recommend the clinic to relatives and friends.

Suppose out of ten people who applied to the clinic, 7 became your patients. In that case, this is a very good indicator that indicates that the client-employee interaction was successful at all stages of the chain, and you have a fairly high level of service.

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