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What Are Milestone Birthdays, And How Do People Celebrate Them!

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A birthday is the celebration of the day we come to life. A day that comes once a year, and everyone is excited about their birthdays because of the showering good wishes, gifts and presents, and lovely messages from our loved ones. Though we celebrate every birthday with full enthusiasm, there are a few noteworthy years in our life when we celebrate a milestone birthday. Let’s find out about milestone birthdays and how to enjoy them with a unique celebration.

1st Birthday

We must be thankful to our parents for creating beautiful memories in our childhood. The 1st birthday is, of course, the most significant birthday and the first milestone, and the entire credit goes to the parents as they made it remarkable for us. Generally, parents invite all the near and dear ones to their kid’s first birthday and introduce the kid to all of them. For this celebration, they’re very excited, and therefore, they plan everything with complete care. They decide the venue and theme it for the first birthday celebration to let everyone enjoy it to the fullest. The cake is chosen accordingly to make the birthday celebration more eventful.

5th Birthday

5th birthday is another milestone that needs to be celebrated as there’s a history behind it. Around 30-35 years ago, many children, unfortunately, used to fail to make it to the age of 5 because of poverty, hunger, and disease. Fortunately, today many countries have taken steps to overcome this, and there’s a significant drop in the number of deaths. Also, the fifth birthday is the recreation of the first birthday to let the birthday child enjoy the celebration. No one remembers their first birthday, and for this reason, the fifth birthday is celebrated to give a wonderful memory to the birthday kid.

13th Birthday

The 13th birthday is a celebration for the kid entering the teenager. It’s a noteworthy milestone for kids, while it’s also the age when many kids lose their innocence. Many kids want to make their 13th birthday more memorable, and therefore, parents plan this celebration by taking tips from their kids. 

18th Birthday

An 18th birthday is a major milestone for everyone as they are officially considered an adult from here on. Many perks open up with this age, and therefore, all are excited to celebrate their 18th birthday. In many countries, it is an official age for a person to buy liquor. So, if you’re planning to wish someone on their 18t birthday, surprise them with online birthday cake delivery to their doorstep.

21st Birthday

It’s the next major thing to happen in anyone’s life. 21st birthday makes the person eligible for marriage. It’s also an official voting age in many countries. People generally celebrate their 21st birthday with their friends.

25th Birthday

The 25th birthday signifies the silver jubilee of our age. It’s a milestone birthday that everyone celebrates with full enthusiasm. By this age, most people are self-reliant. Some would have married till they turned 25, while some plans to go for higher education or achieve other goals in their life.

40th Birthday

It’s a new age celebration. According to a new trend, the 40s are the new 20s where people celebrate this milestone in their life. If any of your dear ones are turning 40 anytime soon, find a perfect birthday gift online to make them feel like a person in their 20 again.

50th Birthday

The 50th birthday is the golden jubilee birthday which definitely calls for a celebration. It’s an achievement for anyone to be a perfect fit and fine on their 50th birthday. Mostly, children organize the 50th birthday celebration for their parents and make them feel super special on this day. 

75th Birthday

The 75th birthday is occasionally referred to as the diamond jubilee. On this occasion, children and grandchildren together organize a grand celebration for their parents and grandparents. It’s the time to show our gratitude to the elderly for their remarkable contribution to the family. In today’s world, reaching this milestone may not look possible, but a good healthy diet and discipline can take you there. Celebrating the 75th birthday is not just the celebration of the day, but it’s the celebration of the entire life achievements through the birthday celebration.

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