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Wavlink Extender Not Detecting 5GHz Band? Here’s the Fix!

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Wavlink dual-band range extenders are marvelous devices to have a flawless networking experience throughout the home. However, at times, the Wavlink extender detects only the 2.4GHz frequency band whereas the 5GHz band remains unidentified. This hampers the overall internet usage experience. Is your Wavlink extender also struggling with the same problem? Do you also face connectivity issues between your Wavlink extender and router when it comes to the 5GHz band? If these questions have been answered in yes, then read none other than this post.

Here, we will reveal a list of numerous Wavlink troubleshooting tips that will help you get rid of the 5GHz band detection problem in a matter of minutes. So, let’s roll the dice.

[Solved] Wavlink Extender Not Detecting 5GHz Band

  1. Connect Extender and Router Properly

The connection between your Wavlink extender and the host router has a direct link with the detection of the 5GHz frequency band. If it is weak, then your Wavlink extender might not be able to detect the 5GHz band. Therefore, your aim should be to bridge the communication gap between your WiFi devices.

The fulfillment of this gap completely depends on the source being used for the connection. If a wireless source is there, then the distance between WiFi devices becomes the main criterion. It must be proper. On the other hand, if you have used a wired source, ensure that the network cable must not have cuts as well as the connection being firm.

  1. Update the Extender’s Firmware

When it comes to updating the firmware of the Wavlink extender, users act lazy and ignore doing it. However, it is not a wise decision at all. If you want your Wavlink extender to work well, its firmware must be updated regularly. Therefore, consider updating the firmware before you get involved in other issues related to the Wavlink extender.

To update the firmware of the Wavlink extender, you need to download the firmware file first. Once done, log in to the device using the Wavlink WiFi extender password and reach the Upgrade Firmware window. Thereafter, find the firmware file and hit the Apply button. Within a few moments, the Wavlink extender will start running on new features and minor bugs will get fixed. Now, check whether your Wavlink extender has started detecting the 5GHz band.

  1. Experiment with the Extender’s Location

No matter whether you are done with the Wavlink extender setup or executing the process, the location of your device must be appropriate. Chances are that you have mistakenly selected the wrong location for the extender that is making you pay a price. Worry not! You can still fix the issue by changing the extender’s location.

FYI, the ideal location for your Wavlink extender is the one away from corners and concrete walls; somewhere in the middle of the establishment. Also, it must not be surrounded by heavy electrical gadgets, metal objects, utensils containing a large amount of water, and reflexive surfaces. Such things and devices tend to dampen the Wavlink extender’s WiFi signals.

  1. Reboot the Wavlink Extender

At times, a simple reboot can also help you get the issue fixed. This is because rebooting is one of the most effective hacks to get rid of issues related to networking gadgets. Perhaps, your Wavlink WiFi extender is also struggling with technical glitches. So, don’t wait to reboot your WiFi device and resolve technical glitches.

To reboot your Wavlink extender:

  • Switch it off by setting the Power button to the OFF position.
  • Unplug the extender from the power socket.
  • Wait for a while.
  • Re-plug your Wavlink into the power socket.
  • Switch on your Wavlink again by pressing the Power button to the ON position.
  1. Reset and Reconfigure

If giving a shot to all of the aforementioned troubleshooting tips has gone in vain till now, then there are high chances that something is wrong with the setup process of your extender. Thus, you have to redo the installation. To do that, you have to go for the reset process.

The resetting of your Wavlink extender can be done by pushing the Reset button using a pointed object. However, you have to be careful while executing the process. Once you do that, you will lose every customized detail including the Wavlink login password So, set up the extender again.

Sum Up

That’s all about how to fix the Wavlink extender not detecting the 5GHz band issue. Let’s expect that following the tips discussed above will help you resolve the issue with ease.

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