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Waterproof Tarpaulins – A Pocket Guide for Newbies

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A tarpaulin is a large sheet of strong, flexible, water-resistant, or waterproof tarp material used to protect goods and materials from the elements. The primary use of a tarp is to keep stuff from getting dirty or wet.

Need For Waterproof Tarp

Most people assume tarps are waterproof, however, it is not always so. Tarpaulins, nowadays, are made for a wide variety of applications that require them to have special characteristics. Depending on what the tarp is supposed to protect, you may wish to buy a waterproof one or one that is water-resistant.

Typically, water-resistant tarps, as the name suggests, do a great job of resisting water but are not waterproof. You can use these tarps to cover materials that do not need protection from rain or snow but wind, dust, dirt, and smoke.

While a water-resistant tarp is made from a relatively lightweight and loosely-woven material, waterproof tarps must be made of materials with a tight weave and coated with synthetic substances for better waterproofing. A waterproof tarp is generally heavier and more expensive than a water-resistant one.

Different Types of Waterproof Tarpaulins

Poly tarps: Made from polyethylene, a synthetic material, poly tarps are waterproof. However, the light ones tear faster while the heavy ones last longer. Since they are cheap and lightweight, they are suitable only for short-term use.

Vinyl Tarps: These are poly tarps coated with vinyl to give them more strength and tear resistance. High-quality vinyl tarps are suitable for industrial use and last several years, even in severe weather. According to Transparency Market Research, users prefer PVC tarps for heavy-duty use.

Clear PVC Tarps: The distinguishing feature of these tarps is that they are transparent, which makes them ideal for curtains and applications that require light to pass through.

Polyester Tarps: Polyester is a popular material for manufacturing tarpaulins because it is lightweight and robust. While they provide good protection from the sun and the rain, they are noisy when the wind blows. A variant of the polyester tarp is the iron horse tarp which weighs more and is stronger.


Waterproof tarpaulins, when bought from reputed manufacturers; last for a long time, but you need to take proper care of them. Regular cleaning, proper drying and folding, and careful use are the basis of tarpaulin longevity.

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