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Types of Grades Used to Check the EV Charging Points Performance

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It’s vital to remain up to date with several performances of the station’s data. To maximize the stability. And the working of the electric car charging points. As the station owners and administrators may check. A range of useful data using Electric Vehicles Connect’s advanced. Tools and also the network of charging service centres. The ability to access information like the reports of sustainable data, use, and more aids. In the improvement of current charging points as well as the planning of new ones. This blog will go through the many sorts of the key considerations, their measurements, and why they are much crucial to pay attention to.

Dashboard for the EV Connect System

Let’s take a look at some charging station numbers before getting into the specifics. Through the charging points Performance Dashboard. Electic Vehicle Connect gives a wealth of information. As the owners and the managers of the charging points have the access to a range of numbers and charts. In one easy-to-access area, thanks to our industry-leading software tools. These figures disclose important details about a station’s condition, efficiency, and reach. C-NOC also keeps an eye on the health of the station. Allowing for proactive maintenance to boost uptime. Thus the Charging points of the Electric Vehicles. Key features are data collected. That may be getting utilised to improve station uptime, revenue, and environmental effect. Tafcop

Analytical Metrics for Station Performance

Now all can go further into specific data that may be getting used. To assess the effectiveness of Electric Vehicle charging stations. Station owners have the capabilities to thus provide good advantages to all. From sustainability reporting to a station’s earnings. So let’s discuss some of the measures for performance analysis of the EVCS.


One of the most significant data types to keep in mind is station usage. Whether someone is managing a single station or a network. This measure is useful. When looking at utilisation, this can see when and how often drivers charge at a certain station. This information is critical in assisting. The points owners and the managers in determining whether to expand. Fast charging employs a 30% utilisation rate as a criterion. As if the site is getting used at a rate higher than 30%. It may be worth consideration and is thus expanding or adding another nearby station. , the electric vehicle charging stations. Will grab the target and also the user. To minimise long queues and maintain consistent use.

Sessions of Accusation

Next to utilisation, a points charge sessions are a useful measure to check. This information is getting derived from the frequency. At which a station is thus used and adds to it. As this can see the total sessions of charging each day. As well as a breakdown of the time of each charge session. The Performance Dashboard also displays. The amount of time spent charging vs plugging in. These numbers show which days have the greatest charging. Which may help owners plan maintenance and get the most out of their equipment. As the station owners and the managers are also trying to cut down on non-charging time while plugged in.


At some point, station owners must examine the purpose of the EV infrastructure. The Sustainability tab of the Dashboard Performance contains. One of the most interesting data sets getting provided by EV Connect. There, this may see actual (and good) consequences. That the networking points of the charging had. such as a reduction in the carbon footprint. Sustainability data helps EVCS owners and managers visualise. The difference they are helping to generate, from industry measures. Such greenhouse gases are thus causing prevention. For specific statistics like the points advantages to trees.

Health at the Station

As if the points of the charging are thus not getting into operational, then no other measure matters. Electric Vehicle Connect’s C-NOC system delivers. Prediction of the data and also the cumulation of the data too. On the state of the station or network, from the basic Connector Status panel. To the more detailed Station Health page. C-NOC assures the greatest station uptime with auto-flagged faults and customised notice intervals. And when thus combining the excellent station health with the other parameters. All will get to the last data set worth paying attention to that of the revenue.


Last but not least, owners and management of radio stations aim to make a profit. This straightforward collection of indicators aids in keeping the charging network on track. This may also see the total revenue over 10 or 30 days, besides to the daily revenue. The station’s income. as well as revenue each session of the charging and also. The report per consumer is all accessible. Owners may deduce how, where, and when they make money by combining these statistics.

Calculate the Efficiency of the Charging Station

As the single points and also the networks. Thus many struggles have to stay operational. Without criteria for assessing home charging point. Resulting in over-or under-utilization and the possibility of financial loss. The advanced technology provided by EV Connect allows. Owners to track a range of parameters.

For in-depth information drop down to our workshop or website to grasp more.

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