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Even though you presumably like your siblings, childhood is all about outwitting them. Playing pranks on your siblings may be enjoyable. Funny sibling pranks, like other jokes you could pull on your parents, can be carefully timed and personalized. After all, your life is s fascinating and enjoyable with brothers and sisters. As rakhi is coming forward, you can do online rakhi shopping. Play some classic pranks on your siblings for some lighthearted fun. These harmless, amusing jokes are ideal for April Fool’s Day or any other day of the year when you want to make your family laugh, well-versed in their everyday activities, and they almost likely deserve fun sibling antics. So we will know about some pranks on siblings that will make you laugh.

Make Them Hungry

Offer your sister or brother a big glass of chilled Jell-O? Prepare a Jell-O pot and pour the elements into cups. Put a straw in every cup and keep them in the refrigerator to freeze them. Offer your brother something to drink as they come in from a heated basketball game. Enjoy the expression of bewilderment and hunger that will appear on their faces when the beverage fails to perform precisely what they expect.

Their Netflix Usernames Have Been Changed

Siblings frequently share Netflix accounts. You have the means to let them know who is in control if they get out of line. On the Netflix homepage, change the names of siblings’ profiles. You’ll get a giggle out of it, and they’ll be sufficiently scorched.

Fill their toothbrush with red food coloring.

Because you know when your sibling is likely to clean their teeth, this bathroom prank is simple to execute. You’ll need a smidgeon of red food coloring, ideally powdered, so it’s easy to hide. Dip their toothbrush in the dye. When your sibling begins brushing, they will believe they are bleeding, but this is not the case.

Fill Them Up With Food

Your sleeping sibling or sister exudes calm and tranquility. Assuming your brother sleeps soundly, stack pieces of bread, crackers, biscuits, or anything else flat and light on the side of their face or forehead. Be cautious about recording everything by capturing photos of your prank.

Confound Them With Their Birth Date

What’s the fun of being siblings if you haven’t informed your older ones that they have been adopted at least once? Create a fake birth certificate to take the joke to the next level. Many websites provide the ability to produce fake birth certificate documents. Click print and fill in the necessary information. Please place them in a location where your sibling will be unable to ignore them. Relax and wait for them to cry out, ‘Mommmmm!‘

A Melon Is Hollowed Out

Make the most of a hot day by pranking your sister. The hot weather will make them thirsty, and a tasty piece of fruit is just what they need to feel better. Carve out the inside of the watermelon instead of presenting the whole thing. Only the outer layer should be kept. It appears to be a typical snack, but when your sibling takes a mouthful, they will be disappointed.

Save A Bit Of Food For Them

If your sibling asks you to fix them a dish of leftovers, you’ve got yourself a good pranking opportunity. Save a small portion of each meal and side dish from supper, but not enough to satisfy their appetite. Label everything on the platter for even better outcomes, so the unknowing sibling knows precisely what they’re not eating.

Create a Frustration Web

When your sibling is at a friend’s house or a sporting event, sneak into their room with tape and yarn and create a web that will take them a long time to unravel. You’ll be unable to stop laughing as you watch them dodge and weave their way through the yarn maze you’ve constructed for them.


A sibling bond is likely to be one of our most enduring ones. As rakhi approaches, opt for the online gifts and flowers delivery. They have a huge influence on our early and adult life; they mould our history and character to a far larger extent than is commonly recognized. ‘Siblings are not only second editions about the parents, but have a significant relevance in their own right,’ says the book Siblings In Development, published by psychotherapists Vivienne Lewin and Belinda Sharp. Sibling relationships are permanently imprinted on our psyches.’

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