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MRF Cricket Bats – Grade and English Willow

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When buying a cricket bat, it is important to know what each of these two qualities means. If you’re not sure what each of these terms means, this article can help you decide between the MRF Genius, Grand Edition, Chase Master, and 360. MRF Cricket bats are hand-picked in Chennai, India and are hand-crafted for the best possible balance and performance. The best way to determine whether a cricket bat is right for you is to look at its specs.

MRF Genius

When purchasing a cricket bat, it’s important to understand how to determine the Grade and English Willow of the bat. Grade 1 English willow is the best, and is pressed hard for maximum strength and durability. The handle is a Singapore cane with a three-way-inserted cork for improved shock absorption and flexibility. The handle is also traditionally round for a comfortable grip and good overall bat control.

MRF Cricket Bats are some of the best in the business, offering players exceptional performance, balance, pick-up, and weight distribution. In addition, world-class strokemakers use MRF English willow cricket bats. This special blend of materials and processes make MRF Cricket bats so unique and special. Learn more about the Grade and English Willow of MRF Cricket Bats by following these tips.

MRF Genius Grand Edition

The MRF Genius Grand Edition Cricket Bat is manufactured from high-grade English willow. It offers superb durability and performance. It is the prototype of the cricket bat used by India’s Virat Kohli, the MRF Brand ambassador. They designed with a modern shape, thick edges, and fiber tape to offer added grip. The MRF Genius has been tested by top players and has received a 5-star rating on the ICC Quality Assurance System.

MRF Cricket bats are manufactured with latest f7 massive countered edges, which are consistent with professional cricket bat sizes. They are also constructed with grade-A English willow, which is compressed naturally. This gives the bat its lightweight, durable design and unbeatable control. You can even purchase an MRF Genius Bat in a junior or senior size SH.

MRF Genius Chase Master

If you’re a cricket player, you know the importance of a quality bat. The MRF Cricket bats are renowned for their great quality, balance, performance, pick up and weight distribution. You’ll be pleased to know that some of the world’s best strokemakers use MRF cricket bats, and you can get one of the best for your money with this guide. Whether you’re looking for a bat for yourself or a gift for your cricketing friend, there are a few things you’ll need to know.

Ensure you choose a cricket bat with a high English willow grade. This will increase the bat’s power. It will produce power from both your front and back foot. Likewise, the MRF Cricket bats are made with rounded Sarawak Combination Cane handles, which reduces fatigue. Lastly, look for the MRF Cricket bats to have flat toe blades.

MRF Genius 360

Whether you are looking for a cricket bat for your son or daughter, knowing the Grade and English Willow of your current bat is critical for selecting the right one. MRF Cricket bats come in different grades and are available in both English and Kashmir Willow. The Genius 360 cricket bat is the super select player’s Grade 1+ English Willow bat. This bat is designed to live up to AB De Villiers’ title of the white ball king. The Genius 360deg features an offset middle which elongates the sweet spot and improves balance.

The Genius is one of the most popular cricket bats in the world and is the most expensive cricket bat in the world. It is made of Grade 3 English willow and is crafted to a professional standard. The Genius Chase Master cricket bat is endorsed by Virat Kohli and is one step above the MRF Genius Grand Edition junior cricket bat. This cricket bat features an aggressive profile and a large middle with minimal tapering.

MRF Genius 360 2.0

The MRF Genius 360 is an English willow cricket bat that is used by professional players all around the world. Its Grade 1 English willow construction is crafted with traditional shapes and features such as massive edges in the drive zone and a deep mid-section that enhances balance and pick-up. This bat is a perfect match for professional cricketers. You can also buy the MRF Genius 360 to improve your game.

This cricket bat has a mid-to-low sweet spot, which facilitates 360-degree shots while creating a balanced pickup. Its pronounced bow helps it perform well on slow and low pitches. Its 41mm edge profile helps it to deliver powerful hitting. It also features a unique MRF Authentic Hologram and an MRF Padded Full Length Bat Cover. Its innovative design and technology makes it an ideal choice for professional and division-level players.

MRF Genius 360 3.0

How to check MRF Cricket bat Grade and quality of English Willow is essential if you want to score more runs in the upcoming cricket season. The grade of the English Willow used in cricket bats determines the strength, balance and durability of the bat. Grade one English willow is considered the highest grade. It is hard pressed and traditionally shaped, and has a Singapore cane handle with a special three-way cork insertion that improves flexibility and shock absorption. The traditional round cane handle also gives the bat its control.

The MRF GENIUS GRAND cricket bat is one of the best cricket bats on the market, with a weight between 1140 and 1260 grams. The English willow used in the MRF Genius Cricket bats is of the highest quality, with its classic players profile and mid-sweet spot. The ping and pick-up are fantastic. Its massive player profile has a perfect balance. The MRF Cricket bat is made from premium grade English willow, hand-selected from their Chennai, India office.

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