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How to Perform WiFi Repeater Setup Using a PC

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Do you have poor internet connectivity? Are internet dead zones in your house bothering you? If so, you should install a Wireless WiFi repeater. Wireless n WiFi repeaters are one of the best wireless connectivity devices. So, installing it in your house is going to enhance the overall internet access within your house.

Don’t have any idea about how to perform a WiFi repeater setup Fret not! We have prepared the best guide that you can use to do the setup. So, without further delay, let’s move on.

Prerequisites to Perform WiFi Repeater Installation

  • A working PC or laptop (whichever you use or prefer)
  • An active internet connection
  • A Wireless N Repeater
  • Ethernet Cable

Once you have gathered the things required to start the process, you can move to the next step.

WiFi Repeater Setup Process

Setting Hardware

Start with unwrapping your Wireless N Repeater. Get it out of the box. Don’t forget the Ethernet cable and the WiFi extender antennas. Before initiating the setup process, run a physical inspection of your repeater. In case of any damages, you should replace the device. Attach the antennas to the extender.

Plug the device into a wall socket. Press the power button to start the repeater.

Proper Placement

An ideal location is crucial for the best WiFi signal reach and connectivity. Hence, observe the location where you wish to set your wireless n repeater. A few things you should consider are as follows:

  • There should be ventilation where you place your repeater.
  • Make sure the device is away from heavy electrical gadgets.
  • Furthermore, be wary of the metal and reflexive surfaces in your house.
  • Don’t place the repeater in a corner, under the table, or inside a wall cabinet.

Forming Connections

To do the setup, you must do a WiFi repeater login For that, you need an active internet connection. Hence, get hold of the Ethernet cable that you got with the repeater. Inspect it for any cuts or damages. The cable will come in handy to connect the host router to the repeater.

Apart from the cable connection, a wireless connection can also be used. It all depends on your preference and distance from the host router.

Accessing Web Browser

To do wireless n WiFi repeater login, you need a web browser. Hence, a computer or laptop will come in handy. Make sure you use the latest version of the chosen web browser. Along with that, it should be compatible with the operating system of your web browser.

Pro Tip: In case the web browser was already in use, clear its browsing history, cookies, and cache files.

Using Default IP Address

Once the web browser is stable, take the cursor on the address bar of your web browser. Click on the address bar and enter the default IP address. Press the Enter button. While entering the default IP, make sure you commit even a single typing error.

Moreover, never use the Search Bar of your web browser to enter the default IP. It might provide you with different search results. Hit the Enter key to move further.

Following On-Screen Instructions

After entering the default IP address, you are taken to the repeater setup page. It is further known as a repeater setup wizard. You get access to all the repeater settings that you can modify to enhance the overall WiFi experience.

When you go through the on-screen instructions, make sure you accept and apply the changes. After the installation is complete, you might be asked to restart the device. After that is complete, you have completed the Wireless N Repeater installation.

Wrap Up

With the Wireless WiFi repeater setup done, you can simply connect to the repeater WiFi network. That is going to give you access to the ultrafast WiFi network. You can browse the internet, stream movies, play games, and much more. Not just that, you don’t even have to worry about WiFi dead zones in the house anymore.

In short, you get access to the best internet coverage throughout the house that ensures you are always in touch with the outer world. We hope the article was of value to you. Do leave a comment below and let me know how the setup process was. Feedback is always welcomed.

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