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How to Monetize Your Tracks on Soundcloud Video?

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As a result of the 2018 release of the new and enhanced Cheap SoundCloud Plays, SoundCloud is now better than ever. Soundcloud allows singers and artists of different backgrounds to join their monetization program and make money with original compositions.

SoundCloud is renowned for its popularity among independent musicians. It helps independent Cheap SoundCloud Plays upload, stream, and monetize music. Smart users can even connect SoundCloud to wholesalers and online stores to generate more revenue.

SoundCloud assists independent musicians in achieving their goal of making a living from their talent. This post provides a comprehensive explanation of the best techniques to maximize your SoundCloud earnings.

Can money be made on SoundCloud?

Since 2018, when SoundCloud Premier was re-launched with amended restrictions, independent musicians have been able to earn money on the platform.

A couple of years ago, the monetization program existed before 2018, though it was an invitation-only beta.

The redesigned SoundCloud Premier has become considerably more inclusive through avple, allowing all independent musicians that self-upload recordings to earn money on the platform.

Who can monetize SoundCloud?

SoundCloud monetization requires a few selections. To begin earning money from your music, you must initially subscribe to SoundCloud Premier.

How to monetize a SoundCloud track

After signing a SoundCloud Premier agreement, you can submit a request to monetize your tracks on the site. If your work is approved, a blue icon will display next to it.

Once your account has been approved, you can monetize many SC tracks simultaneously by following these steps:

  • Navigate to your tracks page and choose every music you wish to monetize.
  • Click “Edit tracks” and then click “Monetization.”
  • Confirm that your metadata is accurate, then click the “Enable Monetization” button.
  • Click “Save”. You’ll be notified within twenty-four hours if your monetization request has been granted.

How does Soundcloud generate revenue?

SoundCloud’s performance and revenue have a direct impact on your income. So, it is vital to know how the platform generates revenue. SC runs on a freemium model, meaning that its main streaming service is free for consumers.

If individuals can listen to your songs for free, you may ask how you may profit from it. Even if people can listen to your free music, the site can still make money and pay you royalties.

SoundCloud Go and SC Pro Unlimited are premium features that need a paid subscription. SC can compensate musicians who contribute recordings to the site because of this revenue and its partnerships with large organizations and brands that execute advertising campaigns.

Six Ways to Profit From Your SoundCloud Account

Aside from SC monetization, there are many other ways to boost the revenue potential of your pro unlimited account.

Upgrade to Pro Unlimited 

The Pro Unlimited subscription on SoundCloud is a direct monetization scheme. It allows you access to 

  • sophisticated tools and features like unlimited upload time and advanced audience analysis.
  • Complete control over your material, which boosts the chances of selling your original music.

Add a link to purchase and title to your playlist

Add “Buy link” to your songs and playlists to enable your users to purchase them on sites e.g., Bandcamp and iTunes.

Use SoundCloud adverts

To assist musicians to get compensated, SoundCloud allows artists to get paid every time a listener views or hears an advertisement. Also, if an embedded track begins with an audio advertisement, the track’s owner becomes a participant in SoundCloud’s income plan.

Utilize Sellfy to sell your music

You can also use the e-commerce portal Sellfy to sell your songs, albums, and samples. Due to Sellfy’s user-friendly design and integrated marketing tools, you gain access to more options to sell your music.

Advertise via SoundCloud

Using Promote on SoundCloud, you can design your promotion to target specific audiences based on geography, genre, age, and other characteristics. The self-service promotion tool will assist in exposing your music to new fans and increasing your Cheap SoundCloud Plays within your budgetary constraints.

Utilize fan-generated royalties

More people listening to your music on SoundCloud means more royalties. The more time devoted fans devote to listening to your music, the greater your compensation.

How to Boost Your SoundCloud Income

Now that you know how to make money on SoundCloud, you should consider the following to boost your chances of selling your music and earning more money:

Engage audiences directly

In your comments section, you can engage directly with your audiences to 

  • inform them of upcoming projects.
  • Solicit feedback on your work.

Expand promotional and sales channels by launching your own digital marketing 

  • Engage with admirers on other social media platforms and 
  • Share your URL on social networks like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to drive attention to your work.

Offer Discounts

Offering discounts is a terrific approach to entice customers to acquire your songs. You can also provide special incentives to your existing patrons to increase their loyalty.

Discriminate yourself from the competitors by:

  • Enhancing your SoundCloud bio box.
  • Uploading a memorable photo for your avatar.
  • Optimize your track descriptions to encourage visits and purchases.

Produce fresh content regularly: 

Your income will be proportional to the amount of labor you produce. Fans are always yearning for fresh material. If you don’t continue to provide it, they may turn to other independent performers.

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