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How to Make a Homemade Murphy Bed?

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Murphy beds are great if you live in an apartment and need to maximize your space. Unfortunately, they’re pretty expensive, especially if you want something of decent quality that will last. Fortunately, there are plenty of DIY Murphy bed ideas out there if you want to save money and do it yourself! Here are the best Murphy bed stores in Hialeah according to Google Reviews!

Planning your Murphy Bed

The Best Murphy Bed Stores in Hialeah Florida offers plenty of options when it comes to turning your room into an efficient space. Whether you live in one of these apartments or have some storage space in your garage, there are plenty of ways to get out from underfoot. Here’s how to create a simple plan for getting started. Best Murphy Bed Stores in Hialeah (four sentences using the words: Best Murphy Bed Stores in Hialeah): You’ll need the following items: a wooden frame with metal supports; two boards that measure 3 feet by 4 feet and 2 inches thick; plywood sheet measuring 3 feet by 4 feet and 1 inch thick; metal hinges; and metal brackets that fit with the hinges.

Tools Needed

It’s best if you have some basic carpentry tools, including drills, saws and screwdrivers. You can also use specific Murphy Bed kits that can contain most of these tools. The more time you spend on your project, however, the easier it will be. And since Murphy beds usually fold out into other rooms in your home like living rooms or spare bedrooms, it’s best to plan out all aspects of construction before starting work.

Installing the Box

Check with a company that sells and installs Murphy beds. Find out if they will also install your box. If not, consider hiring it done yourself, as long as you have some carpentry experience. Boxes range in price from $100-$1,000 depending on size and construction material. You can find one at home improvement stores or online. Make sure it comes with all needed hardware.

Attaching the Bed

Since your mattress will support about 2/3 of your body weight, it’s important that you purchase one that is high quality. You’ll want one that is durable and sturdy, yet comfortable. Be sure to buy an adjustable base so you can adjust its height depending on where you place it in your room. Also consider whether or not you want wheels so that you can move it around easily when not in use.

Hanging Curtains

The first step in creating your own Murphy Bed is hanging curtains. To properly create your own, you’ll need a curtain rod at least four inches shorter than the width of your closet door. You will also need metal rings that are six inches apart and able to hold up 60 pounds of weight. Once you have everything assembled, measure how far down you want your curtain rod to hang on each side of your door.

Completing Your Project

Find several stores in your area that sell Murphy beds. Call them, and speak with their staff. Tell them you are writing an academic paper on how people buy furniture, and ask what they think of Murphy beds. Write down their feedback. Repeat until you’ve spoken with at least three different stores. Take detailed notes of what you learned from each call.

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