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How to Get More Results Out of Your Custom Wholesale Catalog

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How to get more results out of your custom wholesale catalog is not a complicated task if you follow some guidelines. Before creating your custom wholesale catalog, think about the businesses you’re targeting. Will your customers be retailers or construction companies? If so, you should select items they are most likely interested in. However, if you’re unsure about designing a catalog, consider hiring a professional to make your record look its best. A well-designed catalog can mean more profit for your wholesale business.


If you want to make more sales with your custom wholesale catalog, you’ll want to take advantage of the available seasonal campaigns. These campaigns can include new product offerings, tie-ins with holiday themes, and capture attention during peak sales. Ensure enough time for delivery to wholesale customers and adjust promotion dates accordingly. Remember to send personalized thank you emails to all your wholesale customers, too.

To enable wholesale clients to view your products, you should require them to log in to your store. Wholesale clients who can’t log in will not see your catalog, discouraging them from shopping from you. To prevent this, you can create a custom wholesale boxes for your customers. A group login allows wholesale customers to modify their message and customize their theme. You can also use group-specific CSS codes in your store’s theme to only allow wholesale clients to view your products.

Product description

There are many ways to increase the impact of your custom wholesale catalog and improve the return on investment (ROI). Good graphics, reasonable prices, and clear, concise product descriptions are essential. If you are targeting business professionals, don’t use flowery language or over-simplify product descriptions. Instead, focus on features and benefits and provide real value. Consider hiring a copywriter to help you with this crucial part of the process.

While a professional designer can be expensive, freelancers are highly qualified and can produce great results at a much lower cost than agencies. You can check out various dedicated Facebook groups for freelance designers and ask for portfolios. Or you can create a catalog yourself. Regardless of your chosen method, a professional designer will help make your record look better, generating more revenue. Make sure you choose a design that looks professional and is tailored to your business goals.

Multi-pack data

ScanScout’s advanced Analyzer Tool sorts and processes thousands of Amazon items in minutes, sorting items by price, type, seller, and VAT. It calculates prices, multi-packs, and prep fees for thousands of products. You can even import Amazon seller data to your catalog! But how do you export Amazon seller data into ScanScout? We’ll explain in this article.

Customer profile

To get more results out of your custom wholesale catalog, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, make sure your catalog has a visually-driven layout. This layout emphasizes product pictures and is less wordy, allowing it to engage viewers and convert them to buyers. If your business is based on service offerings, use words to convey your offer but use bullet points to keep your messages brief and to the end.

Second, list the benefits and features of your products. Include features and benefits, including trusted purchasing advice, guaranteed satisfaction, and outstanding customer service. Next, profile your top customers to determine which of them are most like your ideal customer. These buyers are likely to be interested in the features and benefits of your products, as well as your company’s mission and values. Once you’ve defined your ideal customers, use these profiles to improve your custom wholesale catalog.

Automated catalog creation

When it comes to automated wholesale catalog creation, the more details you have about the products you sell, the more targeted customers you will reach. For example, you can use a solution to keep two catalogs, one for retail and one for wholesalers. The information in each record is different, as the products sold to retailers don’t necessarily have the exact specifications of wholesalers. Fortunately, free catalog management systems can handle both types of information.Use surveys and feedback forms to gather additional insights about your target audience and make your custom catalog more relevant to their wants, needs, and aspirations.

Updating product catalogs is crucial to maintaining customer satisfaction and service levels but can be time-consuming. Third-party data from vendors and suppliers can be in different formats, inconsistent and missing, making the process time-consuming and error-prone. Another problem is that vendors will have to manually extract updated information from other sources and copy and paste it into a catalog file. The automated method will eliminate this hassle and allow you to focus on more profitable tasks.

Trade shows

Using case studies to demonstrate the benefits of your product is a great way to convert prospective customers. A good catalog includes a compelling case study to help convince prospects to become customers. Moreover, you can include product pricing and minimum quantities to keep in mind that different products have different price points. Using case studies is an effective way to increase your catalog’s profit potential and generate repeat business. However, make sure to do it the right way to avoid being penalized for it.

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