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How Long Does it Take to Clean a Couch?

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How long does it take to clean a couch? That depends on the type of sofa and the intensity of the stains. A couch can be very expensive, especially in leather or suede, so it’s important to take extra care when cleaning it to avoid ruining it. How you clean your sofa depends on how much time you have and how important the couch is to you. If it’s really important to you or you don’t want to risk ruining it, hire an expert!

Questions you need to ask

The number of pieces of furniture that make up your couch, whether or not you want to remove the cushions from your couch, and where on your couch you want to apply the treatment. The following are basic questions you need answers to before moving forward with Couch Urine Cleaning: How many stains do I have? Is there any discoloration after attempting spot treatments?

Time needed

Here’s a rough estimate of how long it’ll take you to give your favorite piece of furniture a thorough cleaning. It depends on many factors, including size and material, so consider these guidelines rather than hard-and-fast rules. Note that these are general estimates: Depending on how dirty your sofa is and how much you detest cleaning, you may spend more or less time working on that task. For example, if your sofa has been sitting in a basement for years collecting dust bunnies, you might need to devote extra time to vacuuming and scrubbing. And if you have pets who love lounging on that piece of furniture, they could add another layer of grime—in which case, expect to spend even more time working at getting rid of all those pet hairs!


If you’re just getting started, a handheld vacuum will do. These can be used for quick pick-ups throughout your home and will even help you wash small sections of your couches. It’s also inexpensive, so if you don’t like it or decide you want something more heavy duty, there won’t be much cost involved. You should expect to pay between $40-$80 for a good quality handheld vacuum, depending on how many tools are included (like upholstery tools). Alternatively, you could always rent one from your local rental store. ALLEN Plus

What could go wrong?

A new survey asked people how long they would expect it to take them or someone else to clean their sofa. Thirty-seven percent of Americans expected their sofas to take an hour or less, while 10% expected more than 4 hours. So what’s a realistic time frame for cleaning up your sofa? The average person spends about 30 minutes cleaning and vacuuming their couch every 3 months, making for about 8 hours of cleaning over ten years. If you spend more time on spring cleaning, that total could be even higher—maybe much higher if you have children or pets.

Tips and tricks for faster cleaning

You’ll spend more time cleaning your couch than any other piece of furniture in your house, so you’ll want to get rid of pet stains and odors as soon as possible. Take these tips and tricks for faster couch urine cleaning.


It takes 7 hours and 5 minutes, not including drying time. I am planning on buying an air compressor because it would be much easier than manually squeezing out buckets of water after going over my couch. If you have any other idea to make cleaning faster and more efficient, let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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