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Check Out the Top Schools in Bahrain and their functions

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Looking for the best schools in Bahrain? Check out this list of schools in the country! It includes schools in the capital Manama, Riffa, Muharraq, Sitra, Adliya, Salmabad, Karzakan, Zallaq, Jidda Island, Northern City, Bani Jamra, Abu Saiba, and Qurayya. You can also check out schools in other parts of the Kingdom. This post will also learn about the top 10 schools in Bahrain.

AI Hekma International School in Bahrain

AI Hekma international school in Bahrain is an excellent choice for families who send their children to an English-speaking, American-style public school. With an excellent reputation, a school is a great option for international students pursuing a college education in the Gulf. However, you should note that the school offers much more than an American-style style education. For a full list of academic programs, please see our website. It is considered to be one of the top 10 schools in Bahrain.

The school provides modern buildings, sports facilities, and highly-equipped laboratories. Numerous extracurricular activities and clubs are offered to students after the regular school day, which helps them develop well-rounded personalities and strong social skills. The video above shows the interior of a classroom in the AI Hekma international school in Bahrain. The school’s video above offers a glimpse of the school’s facilities and services.

The AI Hekma International School in Bahrain students decided to design a campaign to raise awareness of road safety. Students brainstormed to come up with a creative solution to the problem. While brainstorming, they considered both the normal road safety issues and the peculiar driving habits of expatriates. The final product, the campaign, is a fun and educational way to raise awareness about road safety in Bahrain. So, what better way to make the community proud?

AI Hekma International School is an American-style co-educational international school in Bahrain. The school offers an American-style curriculum and is affiliated with many highly-regarded educational institutions.

St. Christopher’s School

St. Christopher’s School is a British-styled private school in Bahrain, educating over 2,300 students from three to 18 years old. Established in 1961, the school overcame many challenges during its early years. Today, it is an independent school, relying on ‘Founders’ to help it continue its development. For this reason, St. Christopher’s is one of the top schools in Bahrain.

Although the school is located in a tiny kingdom, it is still among the top 10 schools in Bahrain. It has strong exam results, has a British-style house system, and charges a relatively low fee, ranging from PS4000 (PS4000 for the junior campus) to PS11265 per year, depending on the grade level entered. Although the school is well-regarded, there are some problems with school.

American School of Bahrain

The American School of Bahrain is part of the Esol Education group of international schools. It is the world’s largest operator of high-quality American schools. Located in Juffair, east of Bahrain, the school has historically had half-American students. In addition, it is the only local school that offers an all-through American education. ASB was founded in 1899 as the first English-language school in Bahrain and relocated to its current campus in 1994.

The American School of Bahrain offers a full-time, four-year curriculum that combines standards-based American studies with the IB Diploma. It also offers Advanced Placement courses. It is accredited by the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges. Whether you are considering a private or public school, Edarabia can help you find a school that meets your child’s unique needs.

Bai Viet ve Indian School

One of the most distinguished schools in Bahrain is the Bai Viet ve Indian School. Its name reflects its heritage. The school’s name was adopted from the language spoken by the Bhatia community, who were displaced from India. Back then, formal education in the Gulf was non-existent. Housewives ran informal “gurukula” systems, where children of Indian descent studied at home. The older children were sent to India to pursue higher education. British advisor Sir Charles Belgrave asked whether the children of Indian origins should attend school. In response, the school was created.

Another noteworthy school in Bahrain is the St. Christopher School, named one of the Guardian’s world’s best international schools. In addition to the Indian School, the British School of Bahrain and the Sacred Heart School are notable schools in Bahrain. For more information, visit our website! Our goal is to help you find the best school for your children! Take advantage of Edarabia’s search tool to filter the schools that match your child’s needs and interests. Have a look once again for the top 10 schools in Bahrain.

  • AI Hekma
  • St Christopher’s School.
  • Children’s Academy (The)
  • American School of Bahrain.
  • Bahrain School.
  • British Preparatory School.
  • Canadian School Bahrain (CSB)
  • International School of Choueifat (ISC Manama)
  • Lycee Francais MLF de Bahrein
  • Naseem International School (NIS)

Quality Education School

You have come to the right place for those looking for the Best Quality Education School in Bahrain. Established in 2003, the Quality Education School in Bahrain is a non-selective, child-centered institution. It is accredited by Edexcel and CIE and follows the Cambridge British curriculum. The school’s staff and teachers are highly qualified and dedicated to nurturing the young minds of their students. This school is fully operational in both English and Arabic and caters to the needs of students of different nationalities and economic statuses.

The education system determines the quality of education in Bahrain. Before the twentieth century, education in Bahrain was provided by Quranic schools, which were exclusively devoted to studying the Quran. The first modern school in Bahrain was a missionary elementary school set up in Manama in 1899 by the Reformed Church of America. The school included English and mathematics as well as Christian studies. In 1980, it was renamed the Al Raja School.

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