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Can You Move a Murphy Bed?

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Where can you find the best Murphy bed stores? Well, it turns out that most Murphy bed companies have their own website, so a quick Google search will give you plenty of options right away. You can also try calling up some local furniture shops and see if they carry any Murphy beds there. You might even luck out and find one in your closet! No matter how you find them, remember to do your research before you buy, or you might be stuck with an expensive mistake that’s nearly impossible to get rid of.

Why moving a Murphy Bed isn’t as easy as you think?

Murphy beds aren’t hard to move. In fact, they’re fairly easy to dismantle and pack up. But what if you want to use your own packing materials or need help getting it out of an upstairs bedroom into your moving truck? That’s where we come in. The guys at Moving Made Easy have helped plenty of people successfully transport their new-to-them Murphy bed—and their experience can be yours too. Call us today! 877-428-7120 8 am – 4 pm (EST)

The Best Murphy Bed Stores In Cape Coral is ready to serve you as soon as possible.

How to Move A Murphy Bed Out of Its Space?

You might not realize it, but some Murphy beds can be moved and placed elsewhere in your home. You may even want to remove it when moving to another house. Regardless of why you want to move a Murphy bed, it’s best to handle it with care since there are many parts that must fit together perfectly in order for it to function properly. Here’s how you can do so 1) Turn the headboard 180 degrees and flip it over. The end should now face away from the wall where the bed is located.

2) Use two saw horses or pieces of wood to support the mattress at each end before removing any screws or bolts that attach it to the frame.

3) Carefully pull up on one side of the mattress while holding onto one side of its headboard as you tilt it up and off the saw horses.

Advice When Moving A Murphy Bed

Call All Around And Get Free Quotes From The Best Murphy Bed Stores In Cape Coral You may have read up on can you move a murphy bed but now it’s time to call around to get free quotes from your favorite furniture shops. That is always your best bet as they will be able to offer lower rates than online, usually, because they do not have any of those pesky website development fees that normally inflate costs significantly. This can lead to savings of tens of dollars, sometimes even hundreds!


If you are wanting to get rid of those extra pieces of furniture and replace them with something that is more practical for your growing family or for just having an office that is not so close to your living space, Murphy beds can be a perfect solution. Visit Best Murphy Bed Stores In Cape Coral today and find out how easy it is to make that room into something much more functional!

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