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Why Follow ICAI CA Inter Study Material for Nov 2022 Exams?

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Students always prefer to read books by other authors while keeping ICAI Intermediate Study Material in their cupboards. They don’t know the importance of the CA Inter study material.

All authors who write reference books use ICAI study material and publish their work in simple terms. Students believe that using simple language is excellent, but their results surprise them. Since the CA Inter result May 2022 are out, students who could not make it must have understood the value of the ICAI CA Inter study material.

ICAI indeed has a standard, and they prefer that students adhere to it. As a result, it’s crucial to study from the CA Inter study material to achieve good results. Students do not recognise the significance of the materials that the ICAI publishes for their benefit. We have prepared a list describing why students must give importance to the ICAI study material.

Why You Should Follow ICAI CA Inter Study Material?

  1. Most Important Material for the Exam – If you will go through the Institute’s booklets you will see that almost every question asked in the exam is from the ICAI CA Inter study material. Thus we recommend you to strictly follow them if you want to succeed in your exams.
  2. Answer in Standard Format – ICAI expects its students to answer in the standard format as presented in the Institute’s booklet. Different authors use different styles to present a topic. Institute’s books act as a perfect guide to passing the examination in one attempt.
  3. Practice Workbooks are a must to follow – ICAI study material has many questions. ICAI also gives practice workbooks which follow the pattern of the ICAI examination. Solving these booklets prepare you for the tone of the examination.
  4. Helpful in Writing Better Answers – The language used in the book is slightly difficult to read, but will surely help the students write better answers in the exams.
  5. Reference Books are Based on Institute’s Books – Most of the reference books are printed, keeping the ICAI material as background. So, why read reference books when you have the original material.

Since now you are aware of the importance of the ICAI study material, it is time to understand the steps to download the ICAI study material from the Institute’s website. You can also order the books online and deliver them to your address.

Steps to Download the CA Intermediate Study Material PDF Online

The ICAI CA Intermediate study material for the exams in November 2022 is available on the ICAI website. So, follow these instructions to download the CA Inter Study Material 2022 pdf:

  • On your device, search for the ICAI’s official website.
  • Next, select the Students option from the ICAI website’s horizontal menu bar.
  • Click on the Bos Knowledge portal link in the menu below.
  • On the new page, select the course you want to enrol in. For now, you should select the Intermediate Course.
  • The list of all the intermediate subjects will be there on the following page
  • Click on each paper’s name one at a time. This will take you to the next page.
  • You must select Study Material from the many alternatives on the following page.
  • The relevant study material will now appear in front of you. For the exam in November 2022, you must download and save the CA Intermediate study material to your computer. Therefore, be sure to open the most recent ICAI study material rather than the previous one. Additionally, you can constantly check the ICAI website for updates.

How to Order CA Intermediate Books for Nov 2022 Exams?

Students can order the CA Inter study material online. The Institute directly sends the CA Intermediate books to the student’s preferred address.

To order CA Intermediate study materials from the ICAI website, follow these steps:

  • Visit the ICAI CDS webpage.
  • Next, select the student area from the ICAI website’s horizontal menu.
  • Enter your ICAI registration credentials to access the website.
  • The new option, which will display the name of each course, will be visible after you log in.
  • Select the subjects to order the study materials by clicking on the Intermediate Course.
  • At this point, use the promo code in your account.
  • Finally, complete the final step by paying the required amount.

The institute will send the CA Inter books and study materials to your address within 12 days of the order. If you want to alter the address, simply tap on the update address section and edit it to the new location.


Now you know the importance of ICAI CA Inter study material and why it should be your number one priority while preparing for the exam. The students must use the ICAI study materials as the main resource as they prepare for the examination.

Following the methods outlined above, they can either acquire the study materials online or read from the PDFs. We wish you all the best for your upcoming exams.

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