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Measure Your Home To Best Fix Your Sofa

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Measure Your Home To Best Fix Your Sofa

A new sofa purchase may seem like fun(Furniture shops in Sunderland) and games. However, many are guilty of making the error of not being adequately prepared for the task.

When we say preparing, we’re taking out that old, rusty measuring tape to check the condition of your home with the furniture you want.

While measuring may not be the stuff of a joke, it’s one of the most crucial tasks before deciding whether you wish to purchase a furniture item.

This must be completed before making plans to decorate or furnish your home. Therefore, with Home Design Furniture, we would like to make the purchasing process as simple as we can for you. Here are our tips for measuring your home for your new sofa!

Make Life Easy

Instead of viewing this as a daunting task, consider it an opportunity to develop future endeavors. Take a look at your home and take the measurements when purchasing furniture.

The process will be much more straightforward. Save these measurements for storage, or create an exact copy once you’ve completed them.

This will require a straightforward job. If you are unsure of your measurements, ask someone close to you to help you.
Precision is the key since any nit-picks can cause the effort you put into it. Therefore, as the saying says, measure twice, and cut only once.

Where to Measure

If you’ve learned the importance of measuring your house to make room for the new couch, you need to consider where or what you have to measure to determine this.

Entry Ways and Passages

Begin by grabbing tape and measuring all passageways(Furniture stores Sunderland) and entryways in your house. Furniture will need to travel through these in order before reaching the place you’ll eventually put it.

Check around your home and determine the length of passages, entrances, staircases, and doorways your furniture needs to pass to reach its final destination.In doing this, ensure you have the exact width, height, and length measurements.

It is essential to note the corners that need to be turned when you walk through a hall or on the staircase so that there is less “PIVOT’ing” as Ross in the famous episode on Friends! Another thing to consider is lights, railings, or other architectural features that could be a source of trouble in installing furniture in your home.

Be aware that any furniture you purchase should have enough room for movement and should be about 4 inches smaller than the passageway measurements themselves. This allows for quick and easy movement.

Room Measurements

Entranceways and passageways connect to the space where the furniture piece will be. It is therefore equally important to take measurements of the area which will house your new sofa.

This may require more information than you considered, so you must consider all the aspects and take note of not just the area but all the fireplaces, windows, and doors that the room may have.

The first step is to take measurements of the door your furniture must pass through. This is where you determine the diagonal height, width, and dimensions from the top left to the bottom. Also, make sure you measure the interior door frames as well!

Next, you need to measure the room’s length from the entry point up to the wall that is farther. This measurement will let you determine if you can move furniture into the space and then move it around.

Then, you should measure the length and width of the room as well as the height of the walls. This will help in the placement of larger pieces of furniture like bookcases.

Last, however, but not last, not least, take measurements of your windows! This is a great idea when you plan to put furniture on a wall with windows.

How We Can Help

After completing your work, let us know what Home Design can do for you! The good news is that each of our sofas on display has a handy dimension image that will help you determine which sofa can be placed in the room you’d like to put it in.

Additionally, please don’t be shy, don’t hesitate to bring your measurements to our showroom, and our experts on sofas can help you compare the measurements of your home to the heights of our sofas and help you find the ideal fit!

The final important tip before you leave before you go is also crucial to take into consideration the whole dimensions of the route we will use to get our delivery truck from our home.

You go. Here is our guide about how you can measure the dimensions of your house to accommodate the brand modern Home Design Sofa. Explore our sofa selection and stay up-to-date with our posts on our blog on Facebook and Instagram.

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