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A Comeback For The Much-Maligned Murphy Bed?

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Even with all the technological advances we’ve made in the past century, the Murphy bed remains one of the most simple and efficient pieces of furniture out there. It’s also surprisingly popular among modern home buyers, so even though it was originally invented back in the mid-1800s, it’s still going strong today. That being said, many people don’t realize just how easy it is to get a new or antique Murphy bed installed in their home.

The Rise of Murphy Beds

While Murphy beds were once frowned upon, there are several innovative designs available today. The rise of micro-apartments in New York City and their success all over America has encouraged a renewed interest in Murphy beds. With all of these Best Murphy Bed Stores in Burlington offering new, modern takes on old designs, it’s clear that these living spaces are here to stay.

A Modern Murphy Bed

Murphy beds have a bad reputation. Perhaps it’s because they remind us of cheap hotels, or your grandma’s guest room. Whatever it is, though, we think it’s time to give them another look. They aren’t just useful in guest rooms and tiny apartments; they can be an integral part of modern furniture design as well. In fact, there are some really nice murphy beds out there these days that would look right at home in even high-end interior spaces. It might be worth looking into one if you are planning on remodeling.

The Ultimate Modular Bed

Murphy beds are built on a simple concept. They work by pulling out of their cabinet—often cleverly hidden in plain sight—and lowering themselves into a flat position. Murphy beds are gaining popularity in hotel rooms and apartments, as they offer dual functionality: when not in use, they’re flush with your wall, using up very little space. Plus, they make great guest rooms or offices during times of need! Here are some of our favorite places to buy modular furniture online!

The Best Murphy Bed Hacks

While it might seem like a novelty item, there are plenty of reasons to love your Murphy bed. For one thing, they offer impressive storage potential while also maximizing every nook and cranny of your home. Not only that but if you’re looking to have a guest over who can’t stay at your place for long or you simply don’t have room in your bedroom, then you’ll definitely be intrigued by how Murphy beds solve that problem. You see, these nifty pieces of furniture fold down into an easily stored wall unit, which means you’ll always have a bed on hand when you need it.

A quick Google search will yield an array of great stores to find these essentials. From Pottery Barn’s classic Murphys to West Elm’s sleek offerings, Best Murphy Bed Stores offers something for everyone.

Don’t sleep on this innovative piece of furniture—it just might be the best addition your home has seen in years!

Creative Uses For Murphy Beds

To design a cozy home space, find ways to maximize what you already have. While many people overlook their closets and underutilize their guest rooms, more creative homeowners are opting to repurpose other things as well. Best Murphy Bed Stores suggests finding smart ways to convert bedroom furniture, like using a hinged bed frame or cabinet (commonly called a murphy bed) as a desk in your den or turning it into an extra closet storage area.

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