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7 amazing benefits of cloud hosting for mobile apps

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Cloud hosting for mobile apps – An increasing trend of shifting applications to cloud hosting has been observed recently. However, app developers have been putting some concerns on the table, such as the circumstances for sudden shifts. Furthermore, local hosting does not seem to accommodate the requirements for the seamless functioning of an application.

On the contrary, you will have to pay vast amounts of money for better capacities that may comply with your application needs. According to reported stats, enterprises process 79% of their total workload on the cloud, divided by 41% in the public cloud and 38% in a private cloud. Hence, we shall be looking into the advantages of cloud hosting for mobile apps. 

1. Improved Performance

There is no debate that clouds hosting wins over traditional hosting when it comes to uptime, especially during peak traffic. The enterprise mobile apps require massive data flow due to the high user number that calls for a highly robust system for maintaining and storing high volumes of data.

Getting the best mobile app hosting from the reliable domain & hosting agency, Navicosoft will save you from unexpected downtime. Furthermore, you will surely enjoy the speed and responsiveness that exceeds the physical server hosting. Indeed, with impatient smartphone users, it is a vital feature to consider when deciding on hosting for mobile applications.

2. Low costs

It is essential to consider the maintenance costs for the physical servers. Hosting on physical servers requires climate-controlled data centres that house state-of-the-art hardware. This expensive hardware needs premium care systems such as security, backup, storage and smoke detection systems. Furthermore, the hardware also needs replacement every few years. Lastly, the recurring cost of the managing staff must also be considered.

Conversely, cloud hosting for mobile apps waives off most of these infrastructure maintenance expenses and serves you better without any physical data centres. Hence, you get the best performance that complies with your practical needs with cloud hosting. Consequently, the overall Return On Investment (ROI) for mobile app hosting on the cloud is significantly high. 

3. Scalability 

No one can afford to be stuck at one point, especially in this age of daily aggravating competition. Hence, scalability is one of the most critical factors you will be considering while choosing your app server hosting, and you must!

Given the fact, scaling up your mobile application to cope with the increase and fluctuating demands is vital. Cloud hosting is quite flexible in this regard. It works well for both the small-sized simple apps as well as for the data-hungry apps. Moreover, cloud hosting for mobile apps offers not only easy scalability but is also cost-effective compared to physical data centres. 

4. Multi-Tenancy 

Before we get into the details, you must know that multi-tenancy is a server’s ability to support multiple clients simultaneously, provided that every single smartphone, tablet, or any other device is a client. 

Hence, mobile applications need a pro server with multi-tenancy capabilities. If your server is not optimized for such usability, you would need more server nodes and resources to comply with the ongoing demand. Ultimately, you will have to pay extremely high prices for the hardware and software you would need for seamless app hosting. Such a condition creates more than necessary costs with no promised performance.

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At this point, cloud hosting makes the most prominent viable hosting option when your client base is growing exponentially. Moreover, cloud hosting for mobile apps offers evident leverage serving the best for multi-tenancy with promised quality, speed and efficiency. 

5. Regulation compliance 

Every industry runs by a set of rules and regulations governing every practice, ranging from security protocols, record-management, confidentially maintenance, reporting procedures, etc. In case of not abiding by these rules may cause you to pay heavy fines, penalties, or even a company shut down.

With cloud mobile app hosting, you canfreely enjoy usage without worrying about these rules and regulations. Cloud hosting proves to be quite simple and easy to comply with the laws because such platforms allow the user to control and restrict access to only authorized parties. Furthermore, cloud hosting platforms are highly reliable and stable and pose minimal risk of losing data. 

6. Testing 

You must try new functionalities and features when you are entitled to growth. However, it may cause the developers some serious hassle which is relatively minimal with the cloud app hosting services.

Cloud hosting for mobile apps makes an exceptionallyfantastic choice, especially for entrepreneurs, because it allows easy validation of the app acceptance and the target audience’s response. Precisely, cloud hosting facilitates the testing in the following manner.

7. Better insights

According to the IDG Enterprise Cloud Research, more than 22% of organizations have adopted the cloud for data analytics and research purposes. It helps you consolidate the data from your mobile application and other resources to provide actionable insights for performance and improvement.

In addition, App data storage on the cloud helps with tracking information to bring about customized reports. Hence, cloud hosting for mobile apps helps to devise strategies to improve the application efficiency in compliance with the app goals. Indeed, click here cloud hosting makes the best choice for mobile apps.

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